A Bullion based Credit and Debit Cycle
and encryption to Bullion Units transact value.

Our Take

Technology enables many offerings yet in knowledge economy currency is more and more virtual as currency is bound to be obliterated after being formed almost 2300 years ago.

The real benchmarking of currency the 'Cost of Good' can best be done with real basis of bullion alone.

Why Gold and Silver, most relied upon commodity for display or status of wealth since millenniums.

Trucard ™ is manifestation of real with virtual without compromising 'Cost of Good' benchmarking.

Financial Modelling makes three separate heads in 'One Currency One World'. These are Investments-Savings and Asset Monetization through liquidity.

The Bullion Unit is the further manifestation of One price reference which has been stable over decades. Some Concepts of Stop Loss, Insurance have been used to provide modern concept of stable products.



  • Innovates the interplay of finance and Bullion.
  • Creates new space for idle Asset Monetization in different Financial and Banking environment.
  • Usage of bullion in non-’Distress’ environment as in Gold Loan, etc.
  • Novelty of low cost and low impact from Users perspective.
  • Use of Technology and Platform for management of product.
  • Invents Bullion units as Pay and Settlement units.
  • Currency agnostic for Bullion as reference Price for usage.


  • Uses Gold and Silver denomination units for credit and debit transactions.
  • Account Balance is linked to market Prices.
  • Withdraw and deposit any value of bullion online/offline.
  • Lower operation,transaction costs and subscription fees.
  • SIP integration (Investment Plan).
  • Provides flexibility to bullion based loan,mortgages.
  • Best way to pay online.
  • Anytimewithdrawlfacilityandconversion.
  • Flexibility of currency or bullion conversions of full or part balances.
  • Can work as Donation , Gift, Add On, expense, family cards, employee, loan cards.


  • Transact ion is denominated in bullion units and mentioned in currency as well.
  • Retailers can do Savings, investments, purchase, payments to add on cards by secure transferring of either bullion units or currency or both.
  • Retailers can also get transfer in bullion while remitting payments to Add on or third party.
  • Wholesalers / Merchants/ Retailers can purchase bullion units to top up the balance in account.
  • Updated Real Time Bullion Unit Price List based on International/National Market.

Process Flow

The Bullion Flow Landscape

About US

Board of Directors

Syed Kamran Razvi

A Lawyer turned Tech Entrepreneur with 20 years of domain knowledge on law. Founder of and creator of LawNote on SAP HANA platform, TruCard and TruCash. He has lectured at Seattle university, presented papers at Suffolk, Harvard and other universities in US and S.E.Asia. 

M.Imthiyaz K.A.

M.Imthiyaz K.A. is a businessman from Mangalore and has also few start-ups like online lingerie store, food stores and setting of Chambers of commerce for Beary community in Mangalore. He is a serial entrepreneur. 

Our Mentors

Sachin Khandelwal

Mentoring, Investing, Advising and helping fund raising for startups in Bike taxi, Logistics, Bullion trading platform, Neighbourhood App, Manpower Hiring businesses. 

Dr. Rihan Khan Suri

Professor (TPO), JMI Central University, JMI Central University, Hamdard University, New Delhi

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Shakeel Faridi

An editor of a leading magazine on building and construction for more than twenty years of publishing experience on

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Mastercard is a leader in global payments and a technology company that connects billions of consumers, thousand of financial institutions, and millions of merchants, as well as governments and businesses around the world.

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