Save in Bullion and Asset Monetisation (SBAM) ?

T rucard© is the global financial technology platform and product which allows anyone to save in bullion and store with custodian (partner banks). One Account One World One Currency. Trucard is the 16 digit ID on the platform you can hold two or more linked accounts to the same ID. Your credit or PPI is generated simultaneously giving you a virtual card by mastercard through the issuing partner bank. Initial customers get 0.5 gm pure Silver as initial balance when you open the trucard account online through partner banks/wallets/account in NBFC.


The partners of the trucard vary from geography to geography. It allows you to transfer bullion ( 22 and 24 ct and pure silver) units amongst the platform members. Further it provides you the feature of providing credit through its banking partners across globe. The platform offers virtual card _ credit or PPI and is supported by Mastercard© as partner. The redemption of physical gold of minimum of 1 gm denomination coin/bar as the case may be is through local bullion dealers (as mapped to your billing address. The feature of load your pre-owned bullion or jewellery is also a feature. The jewellery based low rate credit card is on discretion of the partner banks. An asset backed credit and asset monetisation option for your real savings and credit needs.

How it translates ?

T he SBAM allows you to purchase Gold using your Trucard account for as low as Re.1 or 1 AED You can buy & sell in fractions for example. 0.1 gm or in any currency where trucard is offered, for example Re.1 or AED 1 etc You may purchase Gold 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, except so notified by the platform or its partners You will be able to see the live price of Gold, real time on Trucard platforms including website, mobile application etc. in order to make your decision. This is LBMA plus charges rates. Thus, offering a global benchmark for pricing.

Redeem to Cash:

The linked bullion dealer can buy back at the quotes provided on the platform and this money gets credited into the bank account details provided by you This is not a Collective Investment Scheme or a systematic investment plan – you will not earn any interest on your investment, and you will not be required to put in monthly installments for the same

How can I view my Bullion balances ?

Y ou can view the bullion balance by clicking on the App or the desktop version of the application. The units liened are those which are the basis of your credit limits and PPI. The Section refelects the bullion unit balance in terms of grams/KG and their value in current value linked to the market prices.

How to redeem back to cash ?

Y ou can redeem back to cash the bullion accumulated on Trucard in either Rupees or Gram. For example, you can redeem it in either 0.1 gram or Re. 1 of AED1 and above You will be required to share your Bank account number and IFSC/IBAN as the case may be to enable the redeem to cash transaction After paying a fee and charges your transfer would be initiated. It might take upto 48 hours for the amount to get credited to your bank account due to internal validation checks on high value sell orders

Are there any charges when I sell ?

Y Transfer Fee and charges are applicable for redeeming back to cash.

How can I get physical delivery of my Gold? What are the charges associated with it ?

Y ou can request for all or part of your Gold holding, between 1 gm and multiples thereof You can select the quantity and denomination of the Gold you wish to withdraw from the available options of coins on the Trucard platform Each coin will have different making charges, based on the weight and design of the coin You must confirm the transaction by paying the additional making and delivery charge Your Gold product can be collected or delivered by logistics company (depending on availability) arranged by Trucard, and you will receive a confirmation on your Trucard registered mobile number You can track the delivery by logging on to your account from time to time.

What happens to the Bullion not redeemed within twenty four hours or on the date of delivery ?

T he bullion is credited back after adjusted to the days price of the bullion as the case may be.